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Wellington Farm, USA is a 60 acre living history farm disgned to provide and education opportunity for all visitors by experiencing life as it was live during the Great Depression. Through a series of displays, on-going demonstration, special events and performances, the farm provides a plethora of eduction recreational and cultural opportunities for visitors to Northern Michigan. This unique open-air museum honors our heritage by providing visitors and students with the opportunity to experience history first hand. The farm setting includes a Blacksmith Shop, Sawmill, Carpenter's Shop, Grist Mill and Summer Kitchen, all fully functional and often in operation, manned by volunteers in full period dress. The historic Stittsville Church is also located there and is now fully restored. The church is open to visitors and is available for wedding and other appropriate functions. Visitors and is available for wedding and other appropriate functions. Other facilities include a picnic pavillion, an outdoor amphitheatre, displays of vintage agricultural machinery, barnyard and nature trails. 989-348-5187 Located at 6944 S. Miltary Rd, Grayling.